Anthony Helbling - Chairmen of the Board, owner of House of Swiss Golf and 3 Komma Services GmbH, has been appointed to the Board of Director of Traxess in June 2016. Since June 2018, he is acting as the Chairman of the Board. He is holding an MBA with focus in International Business Relationship and is a certified Chief Compliance Officer. In his professional history he has taken management responsibility in Diners Club AG und Citibank for many years and in that has re-positioned the organizations successfully for the future. Today, Anthony is running as dynamic entrepreneur the House of Swiss Golf and 3 Komma Services GmbH.

David Hari - CEO, has built up a long track record in successfully shaping organizations and strategies, running global initiatives and IT projects while working as COO Corporate Real Estate and Logistics at Swiss Re. In this position, he established a deep inside view on corporate business travel management from a client perspective.

In combination with the other BoD Members he forms an entrepreneurial team which pushes the company with innovation and personal engagement into the future.


Bruno Früh - Audit Commitee, owner of Recontas Treuhand AG, joined the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee of Traxess in June 2016. In 2005, Bruno has founded as a start-up the Recontas Treuhand AG with Zurich domicile and is managing the company successfully since then. Before he was acting as tax commissioner of the municipality of Bassersdorf for more than 20 years. With the expertise in tax, accounting and management of small companies he is perfectly qualified to add value to the Board of Directors.


The Traxess team is based on a close-knit team of twenty enthusiastic employees with substantial expertise in online travel management solutions for large businesses




- Technical Writer

- Developers with broad know-how

- Release Manager